Create A Smart Autonomous Network Sensor Node With Minimal Time and Effort Using Radiocrafts ICI Framework


Do you find that creating a network sensor node is a long and complex process that requires expertise in many different fields including RF, low-level programming, electronics, controller development tools, and many, many more? Do you wish this process could be simplified? With Radiocrafts’ ICI Framework, you can quickly and easily create a smart autonomous network sensor node which can read and manage any sensor you can think of, with a level of abstraction so high that you can program a complex data processing application in less than 100 lines of high-level C-code with no need for knowledge of low-level programming. ICI is completely embedded in the RF module meaning there is no need for supporting circuitry.

All you need for the complete node is the RF module, power, an antenna, the sensor chips and units you wish to control, and that is it!

ICI is available on the RIIoT SPR Module and the RIIM IPM Module.