Radiocrafts is Proud To Announce The First Broad Market Release of Our Latest Product Line: RIIM™ (Radiocrafts Industrial IP Mesh)


RIIM™ (Radiocrafts IP Mesh) is an embedded RF system designed to be an all-inclusive, easy to use mesh, with direct IP addressing. The RF protocol is the IEEE802.15.4 g/e standard. RIIM™ includes an Intelligent C-programmable I/O (ICI), which makes it possible to directly interface to any sensor or actuator, and, it supports Mist Computing. RIIM™ does not require any license or subscription fee.

Important benefits of RIIM™ include:


  • Short development time – The complete network is supported from the module.
  • IP to the sensors/controllers from the cloud – Each network node has an IP address and a CoAP client/server.
    • IPv6 supported in the RIIM network.
    • IPv4 supported from the Border Router.
  • Self-forming, self-healing mesh network, no setup at instillation.
    • Fully automatic setup at installation.
    • Automatic re-routing when network problems are detected.
  • 40 x 40 km urban coverage – Sufficient for industrial requirements.
    • Supports up to 29 hops.
    • Range in urban environments is 200 meters.
    • Line of Sight range is 5 km.
  • “Global support” – Software configurable 915 MHz or 868 MHz frequencies.
  • Connects to any sensor chip/controller via Radiocrafts’ ICI framework.
    • ICI is a tool provided by Radiocrafts which allows our customers, even the ones with little to no RF experience, to easily create a complex application managing and interfacing sensors and actuators in less than 100 lines of C-code, removing the need for an external microcontroller in their devices.
  • Very Low Power, coin cell battery operation possible – The leaf nodes can be put in “Sleepy” mode, reducing current consumption to a minimum.
    • The IPM module output power is configurable. Allowing the user to reduce power and current when not needed.
    • TSCH allows Mesh Router nodes to sleep for a large percentage of time
  • Future proof by Over-The-Air s (OTA).
    • You can /upgrade your ICI application code even when the network is already deployed and fully operational, meaning, new sensors can be added to the network when the need arises.
  • Tailor made solutions available through Radiocrafts design services.
    • The standard solution can be modified to fit individual customer requirements that are not covered with the standard solution.
  • Designed to meet tough industrial requirements.
    • Built on proven solutions: IEEE802.15.4 e/g, RPL routing, 6TSCH, 6LoWPAN, CoAP.
    • All modules are fully tested prior to shipment.

RIIM™ Target Applications:

RIIM™ targets networks where fast time to market and low engineering effort is desired. Additionally, it targets networks with the following requirements:

  • Industrial grade reliability
  • Adaptation to customer needs
  • Long range and great coverage
  • Low Power
  • Simple network setup

Examples of such applications include but are not limited to:


  • Smart city
  • Energy management systems
  • Light control
  • Climate control
  • Access control and security
  • Agriculture