Create a Highly Intelligent Network Node With Minimal Effort Using Radiocrafts’ ICI tool and Over-The-Air Firmware s


Do you want a programmable sensor/controller interface that can talk to any sensor/actuator? Do you want to have the option to upgrade and/or change the interface when the network is installed in the field? Do you want to program this in a high-level C code without having to know the how the inside of the module is designed?

All of this and more is possible with Radiocrafts’ Intelligent C-Programmable I/O (ICI) combined with Over-the-Air firmware features.
What is ICI?
ICI is a tool which allows our customers to create complex applications managing and interfacing sensors and actuators in less than 100 lines of C-code, removing the need for an external microcontroller in their devices. 
Three typical use cases for ICI include:
Sensor and/or controller interface directly to the module, removing the need for external circuits.
Mist computing, to reduce bandwidth requirements and for fast responses to local events.
Setting up and managing the RF network.
The ICI application code can be upgraded with Over the Air (OTA) downloads when the network is already deployed and fully operational, which makes the solution “future proof”, as new sensors can be added when the need arises.
With this combination the user can the user defined ICI firmware.
Let’s suppose your sensor reaches its end of life, or your sensor is not functioning as efficiently as you want it to. In this case, you can use ICI to change the interface to add/replace sensors easily for better performance or future proof sensor interfacing.